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Hiring Hostel Staff! (Administrative Manager)

This position is ideal for someone looking to learn about tourism and service industry in a Japanese hostel that targets foreigner guests!

Most of our staff and guests constitute of foreigner nationals, making our hostel atmosphere quite diverse and ideal to practice your language skills such as English or Japanese while learning about the administrative side of the hospitality business . We are looking for individuals that can work long term with us; even if you can only work as little as once a week.

Candidate profile:

①You want to run a guest house/youth hostel in the future

②You want to use your English and/or Japanese language skills through work

③You love communicating and interacting with people

④You are interested in traveling/tourism


⑥ Has a positive attitude and enjoys teamwork

Shift flow:

・6pm~9:30pm (Front desk)

・9:30pm~8:30am (Graveyard shift)

・8:30am~12:00pm (Front desk)

From 6pm to 9:30pm work @ Front Desk, then from 9:30pm to 8:30am relax @ the Staff room (graveyard shift) and deal with any late night emergencies (almost none, so most of the time you can just sleep); then from 8:30am to 12pm work again @ Front Desk.


・Dealing with Check in and check out

・Reservation making and managing

・Guest inquiries

・Hostel cleaning and housekeeping

・Graveyard shift

Please apply below.