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Do you have questions about what Planetyze Hostel is, our operating times, or any other general details? Have all your questions answered right here!

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Our schedule check-in time is from 4pm ~ 9pm.
If you arrive earlier than 4pm, our front desk is open from 9 am.Please come to check-in after this time.However, we can make no promise you can go into the room right away.In the meantime, we can hold your luggage for you, and you are welcomed to relax in our lounge area or explore Tokyo while we clean.
If you need a late check-in request, it is necessary to contact us in advance at lease 1 day before your arrival date.

Yes, small security lockers are provided in each dormitory for valuables.

Our front door will be closed from 9:30pm until 8:30am, but you can get in and out with your room key. Please make sure to bring your key with you when you leave the hotel during these hours.

Absolutely, our front desk is open from 9 am.Please come after this time and let our staff know and we will be glad to hold your luggage for you.

Please make all reservations online. You can reserve a room by clicking here.

The reception is open from 9am until 9pm. We appreciate your understanding.

Children under 6 may share a bed with an adult in private rooms.

Yes we have coin laundry available for all guests.

Guests must be 18 or older to stay by themselves or 15 or older to stay in the dorms with a parent. Children of any age may stay with a parent in private rooms.

All rooms in the hostel have shared showers/bathrooms. There are no private showers/bathrooms in the hostel.

For more details please visit our Cancellation Policy page.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at our contact page.